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Wilson Lau Photography


our story

We are a boutique wedding planning company for the west coast couple


We believe that planning a wedding is a big deal, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Our couples are busy with their everyday lives, and celebrating their upcoming marriage. Enter Heartwood Weddings: We provide our couples with peace of mind, knowing that every detail

has been taken care of. We value our relationships with our couples, and love working with them to create, plan, and bring their vision to life. We love helping our couples, and are thrilled that we get to be there for the best day of their lives!


are you a heartwood couple?

A lot goes into planning a wedding, and we're going to spend a lot of time together over the next few months. You're a perfect heartwood couple if...


you're excited about this journey

We believe that planning your wedding is a great foundation for your marriage. All of the planning and important decisions are a great way to work on communication and teamwork, which is great practice for your lives after the wedding. 


you like to think outside the box

We love a fun and creative wedding. There are lots of fun trends right now, and so many ways to celebrate. We love thinking outside the box, and are thrilled when our couples come to us with "crazy ideas". Those are always the best ideas.


you want a personalized wedding experience

This builds on our love for creative weddings. We want your guests to remember how great your wedding was, and how perfect it was for you as a couple. Personal details sprinkled throughout the event are our favourite.